Don’t just defend DACA

My mother never had to be a DREAMer. She never had to justify her presence with a desperate plea to be seen as just a human being, trying to make a good life for herself. She never had to defend her place in the country where she grew up by casting blame on her parents.

Cultural Osmosis

Don't ever believe a traveler who claims that they travel to "absorb other cultures". While learning about other people, their culture, their history, etc is a noble goal, I don't think you can spend 2 weeks in India and suddenly know everything there is to know.

How I Afford to Travel When I Have No Money Except What Generational Wealth and Privilege Has Given Me

If you subscribe to any type of travel-oriented community, there is a prevalent mentality that travel is possible if you have the will and the mindset. There is a common anecdote that goes around of young people being asked, "How do you afford to travel??" with the assumption that the asker thinks the traveler is …