West Coast, best coast

Gothenburg University

I want to say something about how if you go to Sweden, you shouldn’t just see Stockholm, but you should also go to the west coast of Sweden cause it’s like, soooo different. But it’s not really that different. Sitting farther south than Stockholm, it would seem likely to have better weather, but like everywhere in Sweden it can be hit-or-miss. When I went, it happened to hit.

“Downtown” Gothenburg
Heading to the docks by the bay
Fika at Brogyllen

One of the things I love most about Sweden is that it’s actually a place where (if you speak English), it really is possible to go and interact with “the culture” as you travel, because everyone in Sweden also speaks English. Whether or not they’re willing to talk to you, however, is another matter. Luckily, I have a friend who lives in Gothenburg so I have a head start. It’s always best when you already have people to have a fika with, or to organize a picnic at the Slottsskogen.

Benedetta in our tour of Trädgårdsföreningen (botanical gardens)
Not native to Sweden



While it looks and feels a lot like Stockholm (albeit on a smaller scale), there’s no bad place to spend a summer day in Sweden.

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