On the Road: Wilson’s Promontory

After my brief practice road trip to Lorne, I said good-bye to Melbourne a few days later and headed to Wilson’s Promontory, the first stop on my Victoria –> New South Wales road trip. After a minor freak out the night before (I accidentally booked a manual car instead of an automatic and did some quick googling to find out that no, it’s not really something you can learn on the fly), I set off around 9 a.m. Wilson’s Prom is about three hours away from Melbourne, and it was the stop I was most excited about as all my cousins had raved about how beautiful it is. And they were right.

Tidal River

Wilson’s Prom is just about one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen. And I only saw a small part of it!

Norman Beach
Tidal River


The weather during my trip was a bit temperamental (It was late summer, as you might remember). In the sun, the scenery looked like a subtropical beach paradise, and when the clouds moved in it took on a much gloomier quality, reminding me of the pictures I’ve seen of Scotland or the Faroe Islands.

The weather turned gloomy on the way to Squeaky Beach
Leonard Bay
On the way to Squeaky Beach
The cool rocks close to Squeaky Beach (geez, when did I become my mother??)
Whisky Bay

The most amazing thing about the beaches was just the different colors you could find in the water. They would change as you approached, or as the sun wove its way in and out of the clouds. And the white sand really does squeak as you walk across it!

Picnic Bay

And of course, this is Australia, so we have uniquely Australian qualities: I saw at least 6 kangaroos at Wilson’s Prom, often just hopping straight across the trail without paying me any mind!

Can you spot the ‘roo?

I only had one day to hike, so I concentrated myself on the western side of the park, starting at the Visitor’s Center at the Tidal River Basin then taking the Three Bays trail through Leonard Bay, Picnic Bay, and Whisky Bay, and circling back to Pillar Point on my way back to the car.

I wanted to hike longer but did you know that hiking alone makes you really paranoid that there are tons of flies swarming all over you? Wait, is that just me? Also, some sort of bug bit me straight through my yoga pants, what the actual fuck.

There is, obviously, so much more to do and see at Wilson’s Prom, I easily could’ve spent a whole week there, but I had a deadline in the form of a plane ticket out of Sydney and a hefty car rental bill. So in the afternoon I packed back up and drove to my next stop: Toora, Victoria.

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