Bergen: I didn’t just come here to dance (Actually, I did just come here to dance)


Bergen, Norway: a beautiful city, usually covered in clouds and rain. But last weekend, it wasn’t raining! In fact, it was sunny and mild (fall mild, so about 10 degrees) the whole time. So what did I do? Take advantage of every moment of beautiful weather? Hike up all the mountains? Walk around the charming buildings and parks? Marvel at the perfect fall colors and take over-saturated photos?

Somehow the over-saturation seems more true-to-life, because these fall colors were RIDICULOUS

Actually I spent 80 percent of my time inside, swing dancing.

When I went to swing dancing camp in Sweden this summer, I met a large contingent of Norwegians from Bergen. They taught me about this dance called boogie woogie and even though I’m an ardent lindy hopper, they were pretty cool so I decided to make a point of coming to Bergen to dance with them some more.

That’s the problem when you go to a new place not just to see the place, but to visit people: hanging out with said people and participating in your shared activity kinda takes priority over sightseeing. I mean, sure, after dance workshops I could’ve taken the funicular up to Fløyen, but I was more interested in making pizza with the friends I hadn’t seen since July. I could’ve checked out the local nightlife, but I’d rather be dancing with these people. (Also cocktails and covers are expensive, as is almost everything in Norway. Seriously, buy some food at the grocery store and cook because good lord, you will spend a lot of money otherwise!)


So I didn’t get many cool selfies or spend much time looking at the cute houses or hiking the mountains in Bergen, but I’m pretty sure there’s a video of me dancing to Surfing Bird, soon to be put up on the internet.


13 Replies to “Bergen: I didn’t just come here to dance (Actually, I did just come here to dance)”

  1. Bergen – a city I’ve always wanted to visit. And start fjords sightseeing from. Maybe one day 🙂 I am glad you had a great time with your friends there! Fall colors are so dramatic on that part of the world indeed.


      1. I think that’s more common if you both take classes and go to the parties… that’s why I usually skip the workshop eheh…! In Snowball I was working as staff, but it was fine cause it wasn’t my first time in Stockholm 😉


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