When in Warsaw

Things I did in Warsaw that I never would’ve done while traveling on my own:

-Play with fun science toys at the Copernicus Center


Whoever made this decal at the exhibit on the difficulties of navigating in a wheelchair has no chill

-Go into the Polish National Football Team’s locker room at the National Stadiumwp-image-2045803761jpg.jpg

Go on a tour of Parliament and meet an MP


-Not flirt with the cute security guard at Parliament even though I really wanted to

-Stay at an actually youth hostel for students on field trips

-Hang out at playgrounds

-Yell loudly in English whilst not under the influence of alcohol

-Get a bunch of eight year olds to chant “Magic pants!” for like 5 minutes straight

-Sang “There’s something wild about you child that’s so contagious/ let’s be outrageous/ let’s misbehave” which children thought was a hilarious missive to misbehave


Kochamy was = We love you guys


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