I love Prague in the rain


This weekend is my third time in Prague, and I finally feel like I can walk around Stare Miasto without getting totally lost. Also, it seems like April is the off season in Prague. It’s the first time I walked anywhere near the old town square and it wasn’t completely swarmed with tourists. But maybe that’s because it was raining? There are still lots of tourists here. (Also I’m here for the Prague Spring Swing Festival, so I’ve been dancing instead of sightseeing all day and night.)


That’s the problem with Prague–it’s hopelessly beautiful and romantic, and completely overrun with tourists, segways, and posses of British people on their stag/hen weekends. There’s a fucking Hooter’s here, which is just offensive. Plus, everything non-boobie related is so cheap and beautiful. Almost too perfect a spot for everyone looking to party and take that perfect instagram photo.


Yet I love Prague. I hate when I stay in a hostel in the city center and I hear people on the streets at all hours of the night, but I still love wandering around and finding those perfect picturesque moments (even the ones I don’t take a picture of). I hate navigating through crowds of tourists who don’t seem to know how to stand on a sidewalk without being in someone’s way, but then I get away from the center and find a quiet street with a cute cafe, and I fall in love all over again.

Plus did you know fried cheese is their specialty? No quicker way to my heart than through my stomach.


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