Eat in Wrocław: Giselle Café

You know how there are those places you find unexpectedly and they immediately become your favorites? One day back in my first month in Poland, my roommate and I were exploring and got really hungry. It was Sunday afternoon, church was still in session, and not much was open but bodegas. We said, Ok, the first place we see on the next block will be it.  Luckily, we stumbled upon this gem. Not because it’s hard to find, but because we had no fucking clue where we were.

Giselle is a French-style café in the city center, a 2-minute walk from Rynek at Szewska 27. The coffee is great, and served in chic little black-and-white mugs that are just begging a basic bitch to Instagram that shit.


The food is fantastic. There is a wide variety of French breakfast dishes, from a bread basket with honey and jam, to croque madame/monsieur, omelettes, and pain perdu (French toast). They also have a good selection of lunch options, with sandwiches that are only 7 zloty, which is cheap, even for Wrocław.

A small cappuccino will set you back 9 zl, and a large 10 zl. Grab a hot drink and maybe a slice of cake, enjoy the free wi-fi or maybe some company, chill with the French vibes and French/American pop/folk soundtrack. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon or productive work morning.

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