2 Days in Paris

Even though I think that Paris is overrated (beautiful! but overrated), I still felt like I owe it to myself to check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

Movie: An Education

The only problem is… I have no idea where to start. Obviously you can’t fit every tourist attraction in Paris in two days. Also, I have no idea what is worth seeing and what isn’t. (The only thing I have absolutely no interest in is the Mona Lisa, and the Louvre is also unappealing due to cost and long waits.) So.. what’s left?

Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, other pretty churches, dancing along the Seine (weather permitting), Montmarte, Oscar Wilde’s grave, Luxembourg Gardens, eating brie and baguettes, used book shops, coffee and cigarettes (even though I don’t smoke), a romantic 2-day fling…

Hopefully a happier ending than this movie, 2 Days in Paris

It all seems overwhelming. Send me recommendations if you have any! I will try to piece together a viable weekend, with the help of my friend currently studying in Paris, living in the 14th. And hopefully I’ll be able to do that romantic 2-day fling, because I wasn’t joking about that.

Movie: Before Sunset

Don’t forget to leave recommendations in the comments and help a girl out!

9 Replies to “2 Days in Paris”

  1. Great post… I guess it’s not for everybody.
    I spent 4 days in Paris last summer with a group of friends.
    Half of them have been there before so they didn’t really want to go but it was en route to London from Italy where we started… and the other half, it was their first time, too. All my friends thought it was overrated. I was the only one who fell in love with it. I met the nicest French people.. very warm and courteous. I plan to go back there next summer and spend more time… learn the language and the culture and eventually maybe live there for a month or so. I don’t know why or how I found it alluring, I just did.

    Safe travels!


    1. I had no problem with the French people I met there! They were very nice, not that I was expecting them to be snotty like Americans stereotyped them to be. And I also had a good time while I was there. I guess it’s just the impression Paris left… It felt like it could never live up to romantic expectations!
      Safe travels to you too, I hope you enjoy your time in Paris!

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      1. I guess I’m a hopeless romantic… ha ha
        Thank you… I’m getting more and more excited as it gets closer but with the chaos happening in the world it’s getting scarier to travel now. I actually planned a “solo backpacking” trip in a couple of years. I’m having mixed feelings now.
        We just cancelled our trip to Egypt and Jordan in March (coz of the US Embassy’s announcements) and we’re not sure if we’re still going to Israel (we’ll play it by ear).
        I just discovered your blog and I like it… you have a new follower 🙂

        Live ❤ Laugh … Belle Papillon

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      2. Thank you very much for the follow! As someone who lives in and travels all over Europe, I wouldn’t worry about safety… You’re just as safe most places here as in the U.S. and as far as the middle East goes… Never believe just one story. Look at the state dept warnings but also research it independently… Read people’s blogs and forums… A lot of time the government oversimplifies complex situations and you really need to talk to people who actually live there to get the whole picture. Happy travels!


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