PictureI hate the awkwardness of introductions. How to strike that perfect balance of genuine enthusiasm and sardonic wit without sounding cheesy and/or like an asshole? I’ve had many blogs throughout the past 15 years and I’ve never quite figured it out. I’ve never quite found my “angle”. And apparently that’s what you need to get anywhere in this Web 3.0 (there’s a joke for all y’all who’ve been in the blogging game since before ’02) (it’s not a good joke).

No matter. Dispense with the waffling and get down to business.I haven’t had a proper blog in ages and I thought I’d give it a go again. I moved to Europe last August and decided this would give me something resembling an angle: the expat/teacher/traveler angle. So original, right?

I know. The internet is inundated with travel blogs, which I know because I have read quite a few of them. Some are fantastic, with a great voice and content plus drool-worthy pictures with cameras far fancier than what I can afford. But on the other hand, many professional “travel bloggers” I’ve seen have absolutely superficial content punctuated by a the perfectly lit and framed “spontaneous” photo that gets a thousands-strong following on Instagram. I mean, I can’t claim to know these people’s lives, but some of their travel recommendations are so trite that I’m pretty sure they went somewhere recognizable to get the shot, then Googled the rest of their posts from their cushy, corporate-sponsored hotel rooms.

Not that I should judge. I would love to have corporate sponsorship so I could pop bottles and party like Rihanna. But unfortunately, I’m just a primary school teacher with a significantly smaller budget who has to pop bottles of Prosecco instead of champagne.

So I guess that’s my angle: I ain’t quite your typical broke American backpacker, but the zloty ain’t so strong against the Euro and the US dollar right now, so I have to cut corners where I can. But I still do my best to see as much as I can, and experience new places as places rather than just for the Vine (or the Insta, or whatever). Not that I don’t want the money shot. (Not that money shot.) But I want the money shot, and a cheap, unforgettable time.

I promise to always be honest, and to never recommend something I haven’t tried. I hope I struck the right balance, and I hope you stick around and enjoy.


3 Replies to “Introductions”

  1. Arielle! I loved reading through your blog. Love your style and writing. I too agree that we should only write and recommend what we personally believe. unfortunately many of our fellow bloggers are pursuing numbers and money. I’m sure some can surely make difference!


  2. I just found your blog (via Silvia’s blog from Heart My Backpack), and I loved reading your introduction post! You have a really unique voice, so I’m excited to read through your other posts and see how your voice shines through there. 😆 I also got super excited when I saw that you have an entire section of your blog dedicated to books! I follow many book blogs and travel blogs, but I rarely find someone who writes about both on their blog, so I can’t wait to explore your bookish posts! 😋

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